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Step back in time with the sounds of Django Reinhardt, where Gypsy swing and Jazz melodies come alive with every note.

Gypsy Jazz brimming with character, with a modern twist. Inspired by the legendary Django Reinhardt and other great musicians, Parisien takes you through a complete and unique Gypsy Jazz experience with melodic themes and catchy rhythms. The repertoire consists of Gypsy Swing classics with their own interpretations and modern compositions from various musical genres such as Latin, Bossa Nova, Bebop and Rumba. The trio has a particularly dynamic interplay and is known for its professional and solid performances. They play straight from the heart and tell the story. You hear it and you feel it.

Parisien was founded in 2001 and is led by guitar virtuoso Don Vink. His (fast) solos are brought with great finesse and sensitivity. Rhythm guitarist Pascal Theune, with his endless stamina, provides a tight and authentic Gypsy rhythm. The characteristic swing is created by the sharply timed and flowing bass lines of bassist Govert Veltkamp. All members of trio Parisien are completely self-taught, having learned the music solely by ear. Since 2021, however, Parisien has started a special collaboration with Jasper Lekkerkerk. A pianist who, as an accomplished maestro, makes all genres of music his own and where the musical talent, to the tips of his fingers, is audible. He won the “Heijmans Jazz Award” at a young age and studied at the conservatory in New York. With this new addition to the keys, you get a surprising fusion of disciplines. Parisien will make you experience Gypsy Jazz in a crazy and new way!

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Parisien heeft concerten gegeven op (internationale) jazzfestivals zoals het bekende Django Reinhardt Festival (FR), Amsterdam Uitmarkt, Django Festival Hildesheim (DE) en het beroemde North Sea Jazzfestival.

   ‘Discover the stunning interplay of the legendary gypsy jazz quartet Parisien and live a unique musical experience full of
                    melodies and rhythms in this video’.

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