Don Vink’s Parisien Quartet brings a contemporary and surprising twist to Gypsy Jazz, with a mix of classics and modern compositions from various music genres such as Latin, Bossa Nova, Bebop, and Rumba.

Their music offers a unique experience full of emotions and contrasts. One moment, you’re taken in by the lively and infectious rhythms of swing,  the next moment, you’re swept away by the captivating melodies of ballads.

One of the special characteristics of this Dutch Quartet is their dynamic interplay. Like a well-oiled machine musicians  seamlessly complement each other and create a perfect harmony on stage. This gives an exciting atmosphere that will immediately captivate you. But what truly sets them apart is their unique ability to put their heart and soul into the music they play and tell a genuine and authentic story. They let the notes speak and take you on a musical journey that will stay with you for a long time.

Don Vink’s Parisien Quartet offers a remarkable Gypsy Jazz experience that you won’t soon forget. Their professional and solid performances are known for their high quality and enthusiasm. Whether you are a seasoned listener or just want to enjoy the finest tunes, this quartet is sure to deliver and will surprise you with their Gypsy Jazz compositions.


The Don Vink’s Parisien Quartet performs (internationally) at festivals, in theaters, and at various music venues. Parisien has years of stage experience, clearly reflected in their performances. They consistently deliver a highly professional and dynamic show with surprising elements. This creates a sensational Gypsy Jazz experience for both new listeners and connoisseurs.

Don Vink

Solo Guitar

Govert Veltkamp

Double Bass

Pascal Theune

Rhythm Guitar

Jasper Lekkerkerk


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